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We established CalQLogic to deploy the best of our knowledge, capabilities and our patented proprietary software technology in the data analytics and automation domain. We’re a dedicated group focused on creating viable, user-friendly solutions that can make a real difference for your business. 


Today’s top companies strive to be “data-driven," using fact-based data and analytics (and machine learning & AI when necessary) to help guide responsible internal business process decisions. We can help your organization make these informed decisions with:

  • Our Technology: Successful AI and machine learning initiatives require robust ways of getting all the data together. CalQLogic markets TriggerWare®, a logic-based analytics and automation platform that will cut your “time to market” for data-driven solutions.
  • Our People: Through a managed transition, our experienced team help can help you successfully define a “data-driven” strategy.  We have the technical ‘chops’ and professional expertise in data science, logic-based reasoning, machine learning, and AI to help you understand how to successfully adopt these technologies.


Decision-makers in complex data-driven enterprises face major challenges:

  • Losing “situation awareness” due to data complexity;
  • Inability to dynamically sense when data conditions indicate opportunity or risk;
  • Tackling compliance and consistency issues in an enterprise;
  • Business users need IT to be in the loop for every analytics/process change, making the process expensive and inefficient.

The TriggerWare® Solution
TriggerWare provides an elegant logic-based paradigm and technology with these unique features that reduce time-to-market and maintenance costs for apps by an order of magnitude, relative to creating traditional custom software:

  • Connectors: view all, potentially disparate (structured or unstructured), data sources as simple-to-understand tables;
  • Self-service analytics via Ad-Hoc queries: Business people directly use queries (defined in logic) over all data sources to create ad-hoc reports and analytics. This results in a huge increase in efficiency – no coding or IT intervention!
  • Logic Rules: Stated as conditions to be monitored and alerted to those who have declared interest in those conditions, making it easy to automate processes by integrating data and tools;
  • Complex Event Correlation: Events are data with an inherent timestamp. TriggerWare provides support for easy definition of new, complex event patterns over events. This can support event analytics.

TriggerWare provides a) Ad-hoc  queries, stated in logic, over various kinds of data sources; b) rules over data sources; and c) complex event processing for any data-driven project. Developers can use TriggerWare REST APIs to build apps rapidly, reducing development costs and increasing robustness. Increasingly, these facilities are used to preparing and conditioning data to deliver machine learning or AI solutions in companies.

Industry Validation of TriggerWare
TriggerWare has been validated through our deployments in life sciences/pharma, supply chain management, retail, smart cities and small business analytics.

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